Those who work in business constantly face challenges with disruptive technology. Big data, the Internet of Things and machine learning are changing approaches to work across almost every industry.

For practitioners of Six Sigma, the challenge involves how to best leverage these new technologies in ways that keep an operation efficient and maximize productivity.

It’s a big task. So much so that it is the focus of the 2018 American Society for Quality (ASQ) Lean and Six Sigma Conference that will be held in late February in Phoenix.

The conference puts its goal simply: “Sustaining a culture of excellence in a world of disruption, innovation and change.”

Technology and Six Sigma

Combining Six Sigma methodologies with innovative technology has paid dividends for many organizations. In healthcare, for example, medical organizations have used data and Six Sigma to address a host of issues. They range from wait times at doctor’s offices to improving patient outcomes.

But many are still catching up with everything big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things offer. Given the current landscape, using Six Sigma and Lean in these areas proves more important than ever. Technology is only as good as how it is used.

For the conference, there will be four main areas of focus, all connected with technology.

  • Lean and Six Sigma in the Age of Transformation
  • Lessons Learned: Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Masters Series
  • Tips and Tricks: Sustaining Results

“We all have similar struggles to improve our organization’s performance and then sustain these results over time,” ASQ CEO William Troy said in a news release. “The rapid rate of change in today’s digital world makes that challenge even more difficult.”

The conference, Troy said, is designed to offer tips on meeting that challenge as well as offer a chance for professionals from many different industries to share success stories.

ASQ Conference

The conference offers more than 40 sessions. Many directly address the use of technology. Big data is a featured topic in many sessions, including “Big Data Lessons Learned From A Six Sigma Perspective” and “Marrying Lean and Six Sigma With Robotic Process Automation.”

Representatives at the conference are expected to include those from manufacturing, process industries, healthcare, finance and the government.

ASQ certification exams in Six Sigma also will be offered the day before the conference starts. They include Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Yellow Belt, as well as Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.

ASQ is headquartered in Milwaukee. The conference is scheduled for Feb. 26-27 at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix.