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Car Shoppping…Six Sigma Style!

Six Sigma Sixty Series

Car Shopping: Six Sigma Style

Car Shopping: Six Sigma Style

Dr. Elliott talks about the importance of measuring customer satisfaction before, during and after the point where the exchange takes place, likening it to purchasing a new car.

Six Sigma Response Plan Video

Can’t Stand The Heat?

Dr. Elliott discusses the Six Sigma response plan that you should have in place for those times when “what CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong” so your customers won’t suffer.

Implementing Six Sigma Solutions

How To Get It Done

Even the best, most thought-out solutions can end up failing when a solid implementation strategy isn’t used. Use the Six Sigma tools available and make sure your solutions end up impacting your customers.

Six Sigma: Customer Needs and Requirements

Food for Thought

Dr. Elliott provides some “food for thought” to show how the customer needs and requirements toll gate of Six Sigma can help deliver a consistent and quality product that customers expect.